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The Amazon Affiliate dog training stores feature exquisite design and polished look. A professionally designed and adroitly developed, search engine friendly website for sale that is ready to start making money for you right away. Click the images above to view demos. Either directly purchase one of the ready designs, or let us do a custom design for you.

Revenue Details

The sources of income for this busuiness include (1) Amazon referral fees, (2) Google AdSense and (3) banner advertisements from CJ.

(1) Amazon runs a marketing programme dubbed Amazon Associates that anyone can take part in. Through this programme members can offer products, banner advertisements and affiliate links that help website owners turn in profit from their feature-rich online business. There are literally millions of products and services to choose from and it is truly a vast market worth exploring. This Amazon affiliated website helps you effortlessly feature Amazon products in just a few clicks. Add your own products occasionally or set them to auto-update over time.

(2) Google AdSense is Google’s flagman advertising programme; and indeed the most well-known and trusted network available. As a participant in the AdSense network you can feature unobtrusive, text-only or media-rich advertisements on your website and earn based on clicks or impressions. The advertisements are tailored to complement your pages and you can fine-tune and tweak them to match the looks of your website. It is a great way to maximize profits and present your customers with relevant and quality content to meet their desires and needs.

(3) CJ or Comission Junction enables you to maximize your online advertising turnover and attain high returns. The revenue you generate with CJ is directly dependant on how successfully you match your content with the CJ program for publishers. The best way to make that all-important sales is by attracting targeted traffic and give your visitors just the content they want. In other words choose your CJ advertisers wisely and compare what they offer and which option will best work in your case.

What the package includes

  • FREE domain name
  • FREE hosting for the first month
  • FREE priority e-mail support
  • Turnkey website operation — no programming experience required
After the first month of FREE hosting service cost is $10.00 per month. There is no binding hosting contract and you can transfer your website at any time following notice.

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