Amazon Associates

The Amazon Associates network

The Amazon Associates network enables you to become an affiliate to Amazon. You can then offer products,banner advertisements and links through the network and get paid for purchases or clicks.

The URL of each product available on our Amazon Affiliate Websites For Sale contains a unique identifier that tracks back to your account with the network. Each resulting sale is recorded and payment from Amazon deposited into your bank account on a monthly basis.

The Amazon Associates network offers you a choice between two compensation plans — the Classic Fee Structure and the Performance Fee Structure. When you sign up for an account you automatically start using the latter, but you can switch to the former at any time during the course of a month.

The Classic Fee Structure fixed-referral-rate plan that yields a 4% profit on each item sold.

The Performance Fee Structure is more flexible in that it allows you to earn higher fees the more your sales grow in volume. Under the Performance Fee structure you will earn from 4% to 15% on each sale.

How do the Amazon Affiliate websites utilize the Amazon Associates Network?

The Amazon Affiliate websites are designed and developed for the purpose of featuring products through the Amazon Associates network. We offer the websites complete with products from a specific category (e.g. Electronics, Fitness, etc.) You are also free to list other items matching certain product search criteria they meet. You can modify product descriptions, add your own comments and so on. The website automatically fetches the most relevant product information, such as product title, price, description, image.

Banner Advertisements

Apart from Amazon commission rates, you can turn in profit through banner advertisements you put on the website. Simply sign up with an advertising company such as Google AdSense, for example, and generate the code for a banner advertisement using the tools they provide. Log in to the back-office area of your website and paste the banner advertisement code into one of the banner management widgets. Position the widget to the desired location on your website through drag-and-drop and save changes. Your new banner advertisement will show up on the page immediately, provided that your AdSense account has been activated. And it is not just AdSense that you can use, you are free to go with competing advertisers such as AdBrite, CJ, Yahoo!, ClickBank, Infolinks, etc.