What is drop-shipping?

Drop-shipping is a means of selling products avoiding the need of physically storing and maintaining an inventory. Instead of warehousing and keeping track of items and shipping parcels to the buyer, these tasks are relegated to a third party, the drop-ship company. The merchant’s only concern is featuring the products and taking orders.

When an order is received the website owner collects payment. Our drop-ship websites for sale make this quite easy as the website records the order details and the owner receives notice via e-mail. Using a portion of the payment the website owner orders the items from the drop-shipper, who then delivers directly to the original buyer. TheĀ  drop-shipper does not reveal its identity and typically ships in a generic box. The website owner retains the difference between the retail price on their website and the wholesale price the drop-shipper charges.

What are the benefits of drop-shipping?

  1. No keeping stock and managing inventory.
  2. Set and use your own profit margins.
  3. Set and use your own shipping costs and charges.
  4. Complete control over the items sold.
  5. No up-front costs other than procuring a website.

Who is drop-shipping for?

If you want to run your own website with rich content and products of your choosing, this type of website for sale is right for you. You assume complete control over website operation and can update and change products and categories at all times. This online business puts you in charge of your own website and you are not reliant on commission rates defined by a third party. Configure a profit margin you deem suitable and enjoy the freedom of only selling the items you want.

Bear in mind that you are by no means mired to only sell the products from the drop-ship supplier you receive the website for. We offer the drop-ship sites complete with the products and we name the the supplying company, but you can also diversify their line with your own items.