Dropship dog store turnkey websites for sale

Dropship dog store turnkey websites for sale

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General Information

Dropshipping is a fantastic way to bring buyers and sellers together that is both straightforward and profitable. At the base there is a website owner who lists high-grade dog store products at attractive and reasonable prices. The owner of a turnkey dropship dog store website does not warehouse  stock, nor is their a need to list products, as our turnkey dropship websites for sale already have their catalog populated.

We offer a complete, professionally designed and developed dog store dropship website, featuring products from a reliable and trusted dropship supplier. You also receive the website’s domain name, a month of free hosting and technical support and assistance. The turnkey dropship dog store websites are built with ease of use in mind and you do not need technical skills in order to operate a successful dropship business. Feel free to view the DEMOS  to get a better idea of all features and functionality these unique websites offer. Products on the demo websites are actual items stocked by the dropshipper, and all prices are marked up to the best of your interest and to maximize your profit.


  • Integrated shopping cart
  • A variety of payment methods installed for you to use, including but not limited to AlertPay, Authorize.Net, Moneybookers, PayPal, 2CheckOut, etc.
  • A selection of shipping methods for your an your customers to choose from
  • Built-in search feature to quickly find products in the store
  • Full-featured back-office area that covers all aspects of a dropship website
  • Discount coupons and vouchers
  • Featured products, product special prices
  • Customer and order management
  • Unlimited products and categories
  • Product rating and reviews
  • Guest checkout
  • Custom meta-tag support and management.

Revenue Details

The turnkey dog store dropship websites are all about offering exclusive dog store products of supreme quality at tempting prices. All turnkey dropship dog store websites for sale are fully stocked with products from a dropsship company. It is the dropship company that stores the products in warehouses and delivers them to the end-customer. the website owner collects orders, and then he turns to a dropship wholesaler and has that entity forward the goods. The dropship wholesaler is a company that has all of the merchandise neatly stored away somewhere, but it may not have a storefront of its own. Rather the dropshipper takes orders from the website owners, in addition to any other orders it can receive, and then it ships out the goods paid for straight to the buyers’ homes.

The dog store dropship company offers you their products at wholesale price, while your customers will be buying the same products from your website at retail. Their recommended retail price is neither too high or low to capture the attention of all visitors and turn them into buyers. And of course, as the owner of a turnkey dog store dropship website, you are also free to define your own product mark-up and profit margin.

 The benefits of this process are quite clear. You do not need to spend many on warehousing your products, you do not need to keep any items in stock. In case of returns, you forward the products back to the dropshipper. You do not need to source new products out, as this is a task that the dropshipper handles. You never ship before you receive payment, and you only send in the order for processing after your customer has maid payment.

Disclaimer Demo websites run an older version of the shopping cart software. The website you receive will use one of the latest and more advanced versions currently available to best ensure compatibility with current web standards.


  • FREE domain name
  • FREE hosting for the first month
  • Complete turnkey operation – no previous training needed
  • Full Priority e-mail support as long as you host with us.
After the first month of FREE hosting service cost is $10.00 per month. There is no binding hosting contract and you can transfer your website at any time following notice.

4 Responses to “Dropship dog store turnkey websites for sale”

  1. Joanne Hampson says:

    Good afternoon,

    Can you tell me if you dropship to Australia.



    • admin says:

      The drop-ship suppliers we use are based in the US and not all of them will ship to Australia. Any particular type of websites you are interested? We can look up the information they provide and give you a definitive answer for a given products’ category. Also, if you have a local supplier you would rather use, feel free to let us know who it is and we may be able to build you a website with their products.

  2. Kent Massingill says:

    I am interested in a pet product drop ship site and was wondering if I could have affiliates integrated into this like Amazon, Google and CJ as your affiliate sites offer.

    • admin says:

      Yes, you can have affiliate programmes integrated in the website. The drop-ship websites are based on an e-commerce platform and their primary purpose is enabling the owner to list products, take payments and process orders. We have the products of the drop-ship supplier integrated already. If you want to integrate banner advertisements or feature affiliate products on dedicated pages, we can assist you with that as well.

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