Established Amazon Affiliate Blog Site For Sale

Established Amazon Affiliate Blog

Domain age: 3 years 10 months


No better way to capitalize on a profitable affiliate online business turnkey solution than sell sexy, tantalizing lingerie! Easy product management  and complete control over your merchandise.

Revenue Details

There are  three profit flows streaming fluidly into this established lingerie site (1) Amazon referral fees, (2) Google AdSense and (3) banner advertisements from CJ.

(1) Amazon Associates is the first one and it has been around for years.

(2) Google AdSense is Google’s premier advertising framework; and indeed the most trusted and widespread advertiser on the Internet. As part of the AdSense network you can feature unobtrusive, text-only or media advertisements on your website and profit based on clicks or impressions. The advertisements are tailored to complement your pages and you can tweak their properties and looks to better integrate with your site. It is an awesome way to maximize profits and present your customers with relevant and quality content to meet their desires and needs.

(3) CJ or Comission Junction is yet another advertising network that we can heartily recommend. As a publisher you will be able to connect with thousands of advertisers that are bent on having you promote their products and services on your web site. The smartest thing to do here is to only connect with advertisers that offer content akin to what is already on your website. Just keep that in mind and improve on an already excellent website business. In other words choose your CJ advertisers wisely and compare what they offer and which option will best work in your case. revenue details

Website Package Purchase Includes

  • FREE domain name
  • FREE hosting for the first month
  • FREE E-mail support to your site(as long as you host with us)
  • Turnkey operation of the site- no previous knowledge needed
After the first month of FREE hosting service cost is $10.00 per month. There is no binding hosting contract and you can transfer your website at any time following notice.

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